People in Yemen are praying for peace.

Among them is Manee, who lives in a four-roomed house in Sana’a with 20 others, including his wife and children, his mother, and his siblings and their children.

The neighbourhood has been affected by the ongoing conflict.

Manee’s neighbourhood in Sana’a has been affected by the ongoing conflict with little access to services such as water and electricity.

“There is a big crisis and severe shortage. There is no petrol and hardly any food,” he said.

“Water is a scarce and it has become too expensive to buy. Others have had to leave their homes. There are many with no shelter, and they sleep in the streets and alleys.

“There has been a lack of electricity for weeks. The schools stopped two months ago, and many people are afraid.”

He added that many people have been left without food because there was little warning that the situation would intensify.

“We did not store any food items and take any necessary precautions, so we try to live carefully and save what we have,” he added.

“I am the only one who works in our family. All our income comes from my monthly salary and my salary is not much.”

Islamic Relief began supporting Manee and his family three years ago. More than half Yemen’s population was already reliant on humanitarian aid before the conflict deepened. Islamic Relief has been providing food parcels to families affected by the conflict in Yemen.

“We give thanks to God and Islamic Relief for the support they are offering to us. It covers a lot of the needs of our big family,” he added.

“We hope people understand our current situation. We want to live in peace and safety.”

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