With Islamic Relief’s qurbani programme, your sacrifice helps some of the world’s poorest families. Last year, our qurbani meat packs reached more than 3 million people in 28 countries.

By donating your qurbani through Islamic Relief, you can make sure less fortunate families can celebrate Eid free from worrying about how they will eat.

With your support, this year we plan to provide nearly 164,000 qurbani meat packs to 29 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe.

You’ll give joy to people like Um Jamal, who lives in Syria and received an Islamic Relief qurbani meat pack last Eid al-Adha.

“I have 7 children, and my husband is unable to work. I work during the olive season where I do not earn enough to cover our basic needs. About a month ago, I became ill, and have been unable to work.

“Meat prices are rising dramatically due to the collapse of the value of the Syrian pound, and the lack of livestock in the north of Syria, which means I have to deprive my children of eating meat.

“We live in a camp, and to survive we rely on relief baskets provided by humanitarian organisations.

Um Jamal cooking the qurbani meat provided by Islamic Relief

“The day of Eid al-Adha brings smiles to our faces and pleasure to our hearts and the hearts of our children, especially when we receive qurbani meat packs. Remembering the beautiful days before the war makes us sad, but this support provides some relief.

“Last year Islamic Relief provided us with an ample portion of meat and it was a great day. I cooked it for my family, who were very happy and ate well,” says Um Jamal.


Send the gift of qurbani with Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief is one of the largest international organisations carrying out qurbani programmes. Our efficient, cost-effective and reliable process prioritises the most vulnerable families, animal welfare, quality and hygiene.

Qurbani costs vary by country, so we offer four options starting at just €65. Simply pick a group and we’ll make sure your qurbani gets to those who need it most.

Your qurbani options with Islamic Relief are:

  • Group A – $65
    Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Niger, Somalia and Sudan
  • Group B – $105
    Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Pakistan, South Sudan and Rohingya Refugees (in Bangladesh)
  • Group C – $185
    Bosnia, Chechnya, Kosovo, Macedonia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Africa, Syria and Yemen
  • Group D – $270
    Albania, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine (Gaza), Syrian Refugees (in Turkey) and Tunisia

Give as many qurbani shares as you like.

Many people give qurbani for each member of their family, and in memory of loved ones that have passed away.

Give the gift of qurbani this Eid. Donate today so people like Um Jamal can enjoy the blessed days free from worrying about what they will eat.