Gender-based violence is a common issue in Niger, and with women also facing limited opportunities for education and training, many also struggle to find work to help support their families. Islamic Relief is running a project in Loga, Niger, to help protect and empower women and girls.

Islamic Relief’s project, funded by ForumCiv, involves  bringing together 600 women living in difficult circumstances in small groups and helping to raise awareness around their rights and the importance of girls’ education. We’re also giving women vocational and agricultural training so they have the skills needed to earn a reliable living, as well as training in money management. The project provides women with networking opportunities with those living in other villages, as well as a platform for their voices to be heard around topical issues such as climate change.

Oumou’s story

“I live with my 6 children and husband. We all live in a 2-bedroom flat and we don’t have access to electricity. We get water from our community well’”, says Oumou, who is benefitting from our project.

“Islamic Relief is giving women an opportunity to come together and face the various challenges that hinder the development of women in our area.

“It is the first time that we received this kind of support.

“We were put into a group of 30 women and received training on how we can set up a management team and lead the group operation ourselves.

“Indeed, when I joined this group, I knew nothing about management. However, today, thanks to God, we learned many things, such as the importance of having these women’s groups, group management, methods of saving and how to speak in public, which has been especially useful.”


How the project is helping Hamsa

“I live with my husband and 3 children in a small home constructed with mud. We don’t have electricity, and everyday life is a struggle. For cooking, we rely on firewood and we get water from the community well”, says Hamsa, who is also benefitting from the project.

‘’I am very happy to be a member of this women group, supported by Islamic Relief’s project. After organising us into this group, we received training on how to manage the group and also agricultural training.

“They provided us with some sheep and trained us on how to conduct animal fattening. I have received a sheep that I use to fatten and I will sell it for a profit when it gets better.

“We also receive training from a vet who is coaching us on how to take care of the animals.

“Previously, it was rare in our community to find a young woman like myself with her own animal to fatten. Animals are usually the property of our husband or mother-in–law, who sell it without giving us a share of the profit.

“That is why, today, we welcome this project very much. With this support, women have now their own animals to fatten and manage to support themselves without any restriction. We have now a reliable means of earning money and improving our income.

‘’Islamic Relief’s initiative is lifting women in our community out of poverty. Thank you for your support. We pray that this kind of support reaches other poor women”.

Women’s education and empowerment is integral for social progression and for vulnerable communities to be able to feed their families, and ultimately, to survive. Islamic Relief continues to empower women to become self-reliant.

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