Iraq has faced years of political instability and conflict which has meant that thousands of Yazidis have fled their homes in search of safety. Recently, many Yazidi people have returned to their homes in liberated areas, and are living in poverty without a source of income. Islamic Relief have been working with returnee Yazidis and host communities to promote prosperity, harmony and strength.

Supporting families in Sinjar and Hamadaniya

Islamic Relief’s project ‘Immediate Livelihoods Support for Recovery and Resilience Building’ is working with Yazidi and Christian returnee and host communities in Sinjar and Hamadaniya. We are working with farmers and animal-breeders, as well as focusing on supporting young people and women by creating sustainable, long-lasting income opportunities and employment.  We are also working to strengthen the capacity of national institutions, as these are integral to smooth recovery and resilience building.

Islamic Relief have supported 50 young people from Sinjar and Hamadaniya with long-term business opportunities. We delivered business development training and provided them with enterprise tool kits. In this way, we not only increased their knowledge about establishing a business, but also provided them with the tools to begin their own work in their respective fields.

We also delivered essential training and provided 100 farmers from Sinjar and Hamadaniya with seeds, fertiliser, fuel and farming tools, as well as providing women in the region with sheep and fodder.

Not only are agriculture and livestock important parts of income generation for vulnerable families in Iraq, but they are also integral for nutrition in a country where millions of people do not know where their next meal is coming from.

Nasra’s story

20- year- old Nasra is the sole breadwinner in her family, and has immense responsibility for taking care of her whole family, including her disabled mother and brother. In 2015, the family lost their home as it was attacked by ISIS, and they were forced to flee to Sinjar, among thousands of other displaced people.

Nasra received training and support from Islamic Relief to help her establish a sustainable income for herself and her family.

“The training offered by Islamic Relief was very beneficial, as it improved my knowledge and experience of raising livestock and earning profits. Most importantly, I now have a source of income raising sheep and I am able to support my family”, says Nasra.

Islamic relief has been operating in Iraq since 1997 and helped improve life for hundreds of thousands of people, affected by war, displacement and poverty.

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