A devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit West Sulawesi, Indonesia, killing at least 73 people and injuring hundreds more. The earthquake’s epicentre was 6km away from Majene City, and occurred at 1am on 15  January, when most people were in their homes sleeping.  Hundreds of buildings have been damaged, and thousands had to flee their homes. 10,000 people are currently seeking refuge in temporary shelters.

The full extent of the damage is yet to be determined and the number of casualties is expected to rise in the coming days. Reaching affected areas is a challenge as landslides have occurred as a result of the earthquake, roads are blocked and electricity and phone lines are also down. Indonesia has struggled to manage the outbreak of Covid-19, and this creates additional complexities in the response to this devastating earthquake.

Thousands of people are in need of basic items such as food, water and hygiene items. Islamic Relief have deployed a team to the area in order to conduct an initial assessment and have been working with local non-governmental organisations to carry out an immediate emergency response. So far, we have provided 100 affected families in Tantetoda village with essential food items, blankets and hygiene items such as face masks and hand sanitiser.

We have also been working with the National Disaster Management Agency to help establish the most effective to support effective families going forward.

Islamic Relief has been working in Indonesia since 2000 and is committed to serving communities affected by disasters. We seek to help communities prepare, respond and recover from disasters, and to build resilience and strength.

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