Islamic Relief Albania launched a new and innovative campaign to help a local school. The high school in Bajza used to have a library but unfortunately all the books were lost due to a fire.

Islamic Relief Albania, in conjunction with Eco-Mind (an environmental organisation) organised a book marathon. The aim of the campaign was rebuild the library of the Dode Kacaj High School.

The campaign ran for two weeks and was divided in two stages. The first stage involved a promotional table in the city centre where people could donate books or money.

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The second stage was more active and was made up of a charity bike ride from Shkorda to Bajza.  The bike ride was 26km long and 86 people participated.

109 books were donated by the public, and a further 40 text books were bought with donations. The teaching staff and students enthusiastically welcomed those who rode to the school and expressed their gratitude for helping recreate their library.

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