Essential healthcare for struggling communities

Islamic Relief’s healthcare programmes across the world are a lifeline for those who struggle to access medical care.

Our work includes building new hospitals and health clinics, as well as providing essential medicines and equipment to existing healthcare facilities.

When crisis hits, we provide emergency healthcare and distribute clean water to help save lives.

In conflict zones, we provide ambulances to help ensure those who have been injured receive the medical assistance they need as soon as possible. We also provide psychosocial support to help those who have witnessed violence and the loss of loved ones heal from the wounds of trauma.

As well as providing vital healthcare to those in need, our programmes also focus on educating communities around healthy lifestyle practices and we try and take preventative measures where possible, such as providing vulnerable children with school lunches to help combat malnutrition.

We also help to create new clean water supplies among struggling communities, helping to prevent cases of water-borne diseases and educate communities around good hygiene practices.



As the world focuses on preventing the spread of Covid-19, Islamic Relief is providing health and hygiene support to vulnerable people around the world – and appealing to donors to assist this vital work. Find out more around Islamic Relief’s support amid the global pandemic here.


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