Essential food support

821 million people across the globe live in deep poverty and struggle to feed their families. Many do not know where their next meal is coming from.

This lack of regular meals has a knock-on effect on other aspects of life, impacting health and energy levels. Many are unable to work, while children struggle to concentrate in school, pushing families further into poverty.

Islamic Relief works with communities across the world, providing essential food support to help ensure that no children or adult is left hungry.

During times of crisis, we distribute emergency food packages which are a lifeline for vulnerable families.

We also run longer-term projects to help tackle the root cause of poverty and work to create sustainable solutions for long-lasting change among communities.

Islamic Relief staff also help to deliver vocational training to vulnerable members of the community in order to help create new livelihoods. We also provide farmers with the seeds, livestock and equipment needed to earn a living, and create irrigation schemes to help increase food production.

In Yemen, 80 per cent of families do not know where their next meal is coming from.  As one of the UN World Food Programme’s biggest partners, we distribute food vouchers and food packages, which contain essential staples such as rice, flour and oil to families in crisis.

Islamic Relief also work to combat malnutrition.  Working in communities and health facilities, we provide preventative care and treatment.

Every Ramadan, Islamic Relief provides food parcels containing essential items such as oil, flour and dates to vulnerable families across the globe. The food parcels allow them to be better prepared for the month of Ramadan, easing their worries about how to access food with which to end their fast each evening.

We also run a global qurbani programme, providing meat to vulnerable families so they can celebrate Eid free from worrying about how they will eat.

Please donate to support our extensive food programmes across the globe, which are a lifeline for many.