Empowering communities through education

A quality education is an important component in helping to break the cycle of poverty, and can be the means of securing a brighter future. It can also help children to grown in confidence, as they learn new skills and fulfil their potential.

Education can also benefit future generations, as well as the wider community and can help empower vulnerable communities to become self-reliant.

Sadly, many children across the globe do not have the opportunities and resources needed to study, and many children are forced to work from a young age to help support their families.

Islamic Relief supports children and their families, so that they are able to attend school.

Our aim is for children gain a primary school education at the very least, and to help adults learn to read and write, as well as learn new vocational skills.

Our vital work in the education sector includes repairing school and providing them with the equipment and resources needed, as well as training teachers to be able to deliver high-quality lessons.

Islamic Relief aims to tackle the root causes of poverty and helps struggling families with food and livelihoods support, so that children do not have to bear the burden of providing for them.

We provide free school meals and milk for vulnerable children, as an incentive for them to attend school, and to help with their concentration and learning.

We run training sessions to teach adults skills from which they can create new livelihoods, and tailor our teaching for them in a way that best suits their personal circumstances.

Please support our vital education projects to help children and adults secure a brighter, more stable future.