For many of us, the winter months are a time when we wrap ourselves up in coats and scarves to brave the colder weather.

For millions of others, however, these same winter months are a threat to their survival.

Snow, ice and blizzards heap more challenges on those living in damaged shelters, or with no shelter at all.

Vulnerable people all over the world are facing bitterly cold winter days and nights ahead without adequate protection.

Last winter, Islamic Relief provided warmth to help over 450,000 people in 15 countries – including Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Myanmar, and Yemen – make it through the winter.

Your donations were the difference between life and death.

This year, donate to Islamic Relief’s winter appeal, and help families survive this winter.

Food Pack – £50
Can provide food for a family for one month.

Winter Essentials Kit – £100
Can provide blankets, quilts, shawls, sweaters, and mattresses to protect families from the cold.

Fuel and Winter Essentials Kit – £160
Can provide a winter essentials kit, and fuel to help keep families warm through the winter nights.

Basic Winter Pack – £210
Can provide all the necessary winter essentials to a family: Food pack, winter essentials kit, and fuel.

Complete Winter Pack – £350
Can provide the necessary winter essentials and contribute towards a cash grant for one household to purchase additional essentials.

Help someone survive this winter. Donate now.