Syria is continuing to suffer from the worst humanitarian and displacement crisis in the world.

Approximately 400,000 people have been killed and more than half of the population — 11 million people — have been displaced from their homes, many multiple times. Over a third of the population are living in abject poverty, malnutrition is rife, and families’ abilities to cope are being stretched to the limit.

Islamic Relief is providing food, shelter, warm clothing, water and sanitation and health care to over four million people in the country, including in besieged and hard to reach areas. We are also providing support to enable medical centres, ambulances and bakeries to continue to operate.

Outside of Syria, we are supporting more than half a million Syrian refugees who have fled to neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq.

Delivering aid on its own is not enough. We continue to lobby the international community to find a solution to the conflict, and call for essential humanitarian access to besieged communities.


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