Since 1997 we have been providing humanitarian relief in the Occupied Palestinian Territory as the communities we serve have struggled with the devastating effects of occupation, blockade and recurring conflict.

Wherever possible we work through local partners as part of our efforts to strengthen civil society, concentrating on inclusion of all ages and abilities

Our Gaza team are among the first to respond to emergencies with lifesaving aid. To reduce suffering, we empower local people to prepare for emergencies and respond effectively when they happen.

Many Palestinian families depend on external aid for day-to-day survival. We provide them with food, clean water, safer homes and support for vulnerable children, while our integrated approach to all these different areas of support helps families break out of aid dependency. Islamic Relief empowers people to achieve sustainable livelihoods, supports education, and engages young people in trying to build a future free from poverty.

Learn more about our work in ‘Islamic Relief in the Occupied Palestinian Territory‘.