Islamic Relief started working in Bangladesh in 1991 immediately after a devastating cyclone. We began with humanitarian work for vulnerable families affected by the disaster, and have since extended our operations to 4 major areas with the aim to build a vibrant, thriving and resilient Bangladesh.

We continue to provide emergency support as well as development projects that focus on disaster reduction. Our comprehensive and integrated approach to address disaster and climate risks means we work with vulnerable communities to strengthen their resilience – and we promote disaster risk reduction across the country.

We make Islamic microfinance available through our sustainable livelihood projects that help struggling people to lift themselves out of poverty. Our child sponsorship programme strengthens families and communities as well as provides the orphans with a community-based integrated care system. We also support the enhanced rights of young people, particularly girls who are at risk of early marriage and gender-based violence.

Islamic Relief also support Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) living in Bangladesh with regular food packs and survival items. We also build shelters, provide access to safe drinking water, improve sanitation and hygiene services, strengthen protection, and improve education.

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