In Lebanon many child protection challenges stem from the inadequate use of standards and poor child residential care facilities. Furthermore, the application of juvenile justice standards in conflict settings with the existing legal frameworks are not always fit for purpose, have limited capacity at national levels to identify and prevent children at risk of violence and abuse.

A Safe Room, a Safe Space

Working within the confines of the country’s legal framework, Channels of Hope Child Protection Lebanon has contributed to psychosocial wellbeing of children of separated parents through the provision of a safe and child-friendly space where children can spend time with estranged parents. In Saida, a coastal city of the Liban-Sud, Lebanon Supreme Sharia Judge of the Islamic court Abdulla Abu Ziad testifies to the positive role CoH has played in terms of raising awareness around a range of social development issues from HIV to maternal mortality. He and a wide cohort of faith leaders have been trained on GBV prevention and child protection.

The involvement of key faith and civic community leaders like Judge Ziad in promoting best child protection practices through CoH is not limited to receiving much needed information on what constitutes child welfare in the family court he presides over, but exceeds it by employing a bottom-up approach where local expertise features in the development of the approach and methodology itself. Listen to Sharia Judge Ziad speak of his contribution in the development of CoH Health manual:


Beneficiaries of the safe/friendly spaces include divorced mother of four, a Palestinian lady whose CoH service has helped her restore her relationship with her children and with it the motherly bond, essential to the psychosocial wellbeing of both her and her children. Watch her testimony here.


The Safe Room, a child friendly space that helps reunify estranged parents with their children was a direct outcome of CoH’s action plan in Lebanon. Scroll through the photos for an overview of the project and the quality impact it has had on various families in the Saida region.


The Safe Room is a child-friendly space: