Vital support for vulnerable children

Islamic Relief is a lifeline for vulnerable children and their families across the globe.

Many children across the globe live in deep poverty and struggle with everyday life. Some struggle to gain an education, are subject to abuse and child labour and do not know where their next meal is coming from. Children who have lost their caregivers are often particularly vulnerable and in need of support.

Many children live in refugee camps having being uprooted from their homes, and others live in war zones, where they suffer from the wounds of trauma. These children often struggle to keep safe and access critical services such as healthcare and education.

Islamic Relief works hard to help and protect vulnerable children. We aim to support children to fulfil their potential and invest in their futures, as well as helping to lift their families and carers out of poverty.

Our child-welfare projects include creating child-friendly safe spaces, supporting children’s education, providing children with essential food support and medical aid, as well as working with communities to help tackle critical issues such as child labour and child early forced marriage.

We also run an Orphan Sponsorship Programme which supports the caregivers or children who have lost one of both of their parents through a regular stipend to cover the costs of children’s basic needs, as well as access to healthcare and food distributions.

Boys and girls are supported to attend school and make the most of their education.  Where needed, we also deliver psychosocial support to help children overcome the wounds of trauma.


Support Islamic Relief’s essential work

Sponsor an orphan

Our global Orphan Sponsorship Programme supports over 72,000 children across 27 countries and is a lifeline for many children living in difficult circumstances.

Please sponsor an orphan to help bring happiness and hope to vulnerable children.

Helping to fulfil the needs of an orphan is regarded extremely highly in Islam and is emphasised in the following hadith:

“The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: ‘I and the one who looks after an orphan will be like this in Paradise,’ showing his middle and index fingers and separating them.” (Bukhari))


Orphan medical care

While our Orphan Sponsorship Programme helps children to flourish in their daily life, in some cases where an orphan requires urgent medical aid, additional funds are needed to cover specific costs.

With your support, we ensure we have the funds needed to help provide critical medical care for an orphan or their family when necessary. We cover the cost of emergency care, travel to hospitals, prescriptions and medical equipment. We also help support orphans affected by chronic and long-term illnesses such as asthma and diabetes.

Higher education scholarship fund

Islamic Relief works to ensure that vulnerable children who have lost one or both or their parents are given the opportunity to do well at school and go on to higher education.

Our Orphans Sponsorship Programme helps provide children with the books and equipment needed to study. However, many children do not have any guidance to navigate their future pathways and lack access to higher education opportunities.

Islamic Relief runs a higher education scholarship fund to help support children to attend university, with the intention that this will lead them to a profession of their choice.

This can help them and their families to escape the brutal cycle of poverty.

With your support, Islamic Relief can enable even more people to change their lives – and their futures. Donate today.